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Massive Time Sink

Remember that Matrix web puzzle? This is annoying like that, but from what I can tell goes on considerably longer.

And the hints/general instructions are wrong/misleading. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I would start a discussion about what sort of challenges are valid in creating a game- how far is too far in terms of in-game challenge, but I'm too busy being embroiled in this damn thing.

Just wanted to let you all know that I finally had a chance to get the whole thing figured out so I can post here. My apologies for the extended absence.

For a moment there I thought Roger meant the puzzle this points to, and I was going to be very upset. I mean, I'm only up to like level 8.

I'm on level 7 now. 6 was fun.

Yeah- with a fair amount of help I'm up to level 11, but my html skills are soon to fail me. Damn this thing is rough.

Thanks for the link, these puzzles are awesome. Though it shows me how geeky I am, that I figured some of these out...

I played for about 35 minutes so far and made it to Level 10.

I got to level 8 withtout TOO much fiddling, but then it got hard, and I got busy. :(

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